Posted: 03/01/2023


Sports staff provides leadership and planning of sports programs for different age groups. Supervises  groups of your and/or adults. Promotes a positive environment for children, parents and staff. 


1. Plans and implements sports programs in accordance with the goals and policies of the YMCA. 

2. Coordinates activities which are culturally relevant and developmentally  


3. Supervises a group of youth and/or adults to ensure their health and safety, and to provide  for a positive experience for each person. 

4. Communicates with and maintains positive relationships with  


5. Provides day-to-day guidance to staff and volunteers. 

6. Follows YMCA policies and procedures, including those related to medical and disciplinary  situations, child abuse prevention and emergency procedures. 

7. Provides assistance to supervisor and may fill-in during temporary 


8. Maintains sports equipment and notifies supervisor of equipment  


9. Support the YMCA’s mission and center operations as  


10.Knows/reviews all emergency procedures and responds to emergency situations immediately in  accordance with YMCA policies, procedures, and the “Emergency Action Plan (EAP)” model. 11. Maintains effective, positive relationships with the members, participants and  other staff. 

12. Knows, understands, and consistently applies safety rules, policies and guidelines for the  gymnasium and other sports areas. 

13. Maintains accurate records as required by the YMCA and/or the state Health  Department code. 

14. Performs equipment checks and ensures appropriate equipment is available as  needed. 

15. Attends all staff meetings and in-service training. 

16. Supports the YMCA’s commitment to child abuse prevention by adhering to the policies and reporting guidelines of the YMCA. 

17. Supports the YMCA’s commitment to inclusion of all members as required by Title III of the  Americans with Disabilities Act. 

18. Intentionally implements Character Development during all interactions with program  participants, parents and coaches.



Mission Advancement: 

• Accepts and demonstrates the Ys values. 

• Demonstrates a desire to serve others and fulfill community needs. 

• Recruits volunteers and builds effective, supportive working relationships with them. 

• Supports fundraising. 


• Works effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions, and perceptions. • Builds rapport and relates well to others. 

• Seeks first to understand the other person’s point of view, and remains calm in challenging situations. • Listens for understanding and meaning; 

• Speaks and writes effectively. 

• Takes initiative to assist in developing children. 

Operational Effectiveness: 

• Makes sound judgments, and transfers learning from one situation to another. 

• Embraces new approaches and discovers ideas to create a better member experience. 

• Plans work and actively participates in meetings. 

• Strives to meet or exceed overall program goals. 

Personal Growth: 

• Pursues self-development that enhances job performance. 

• Demonstrates an openness to change, and seeks opportunities in the change process. 

• Accurately assesses personal feelings, strengths and limitations and how they impact relationships. • Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well. 

• Uses YMCA best practices for childcare. 


1. Minimum 16 years of age. 

2. Certifications required within 90 days of hire: Child Abuse Detection & Prevention; CPR/AED, First Aid and Universal  Precautions; Creating the Member Experience, Listen First. 

3. Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills. 

4. Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic  

segments of the community. 

5. Previous customer service, sales or work with children. 


1. Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time. 

2. Ability to lift a small to average size child if necessary. 

3. Ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds. 

4. Ability to work with several children at one time.